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Paywings 4.0

QuickBooks and Paywings Payroll Integration

QuickBooks is now Integrated with Paywings Payroll Software

Paywings 4.1.1 is now integrated with Quickbooks as an add-on feature. This feature will allow small as well as big business to connect to Paywings payroll solution with this accounting software, which is compatible with Paywings version 4.1.1 and above.

Existing customers using older versions of Paywings Payroll will need to upgrade to the newer version 4.1.1 to be able to use this integration. With this feature release, users of Paywings can pass salary related entries directly into QuickBooks avoiding repetitive and erroneous entries. The integration is also a single button press system as the attempt has been to simplify the process for the end user. More information and step by step guide to use this functionality is available here.

QuickBooks is in much use and is globally popular as an online accounting software package. QuickBooks manages inventory, sales and other needs of a small business. The software’s features include marketing tools, merchant services, product and supplies, training solutions and e-mail functionality through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are incorporated. Know more about QuickBooks.


Paywings Payroll 4.X is the world favourite payroll software. An enterprise grade, multi user application, with intuitive user interface, and enriched functionality makes Paywings a global leader for Payroll Solutions.
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